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external ballistics pro


The magic of mirage. When the wind comes from different directions or points around the clock, it has a greater or lesser effect on where the bullet hits the target.

To see mirage, use a good spotting scope, focus on the target the back off the focus about a 16th of a turn towards you (BACK FOCUS), you want to read the wind mirage at this distance from the target. 

When the wind picks up the mirage angle increases causing the mirage to lay down at a certain angle, giving you not only speed but direction the wind is coming from, by the tightness of the heat waves.

Using the app: Hold the Phone to the Angle of the Mirage, then-Push the button that looks like the mirage you are seeing - like the one below, it will lock the wind speed until you push it again to unlock.
This represents 75% mirage of a 5 MPH angle; this app will take a full value wind and calculate corrected cosine value based on Mirage velocity or direction it is coming from

3 Buttons on this app: 
• Full Value Large Waves 100% Value
• Chatter 75% Value
• Diamonds 50% Vale of the angle


Using Rain angle is easy; look at the rain angle in your spotting scope like you would with Mirage, hold the phone at the angle you see it. Rain can be determined by 2 types for this app

• Normal Rain - you can see the target and make it out fairly clear, this is what the app was designed for.
• Heavy Rain - target is blurry and hard to see, in that case you might hit a raindrop during bullet flight and this app does not work for that heavy mass of rain.
Hold the phone at the angle the rain is falling, then hit the green lock button until it turns red and that is the wind speed showing.
Hit the red lock button until it turns green to unlock.