Reviews from some of our clients

“Recently attended the Barbour Creek course and had a great time over both days. James was knowledgeable and patient as he imparted all the tools of the trade for long range hunting and the entire staff was friendly and attentive. Highly recommend the course for shooters and hunters of all skill levels as the range is phenomenal and all the facilities are top notch. Many thanks to the staff for helping me improve my shooting skills and helping me gain confidence to expand my hunting capability”


My grandfather lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. He taught me how to shoot with his Remington 510 single shot when I was maybe ten years old, now 60 years later I’ve picked up a few pointers….
For years I’ve Hunted near his former home, always using a rifle. This year I wanted to get a ‘long shot’ - for Granddad. An opportunity came up at 523 yards….(what you call a chip shot). I set up prone on bipods, could barely contain my elevated heart rate, yet somehow remembered three key pieces of advice that you stressed in class; check the level, get square behind the gun and follow through at the shot. The shot was perfect. I even saw the impact!
You might find it hard to believe that I drove from Ohio to prepare for this opportunity. Personally your training made a dream come true. Thank you for all of your help, during and after class.
Received the Sig Kilo 8K you recommended in time to use mid-week while in Virginia. It made all the difference on a very foggy morning. My Leica rangefinder binoculars would not range in the fog; I recalled your tutorial on the 8K fog mode, set it in the menu and got a range that my son used to kill his Game as well.
You’re a game changer James!
Best wishes,

It was a real Barbour Creek experience! Our group of 4 seasoned hunters with some long range shooting background took both the Level 1 and Level 2 courses. Everything from the facilities to the food, instruction and equipment was top notch. I learned more about firearms, ballistics, and shooting from James the first morning than I had in all of my years preceding this trip. Each day was an evolution and improvement on the previous. We had rain and wind both days for our Level 1 course, which created a even better learning environment. At the end of Day 1 I, and the rest of the class all hit the clay pigeon at 1000 yards, end of Day 2 I got the golf ball! The weather for our Level 2 course was also perfect for practicing the wind reading techniques we had just learned... quite windy!! I would have never believed anyone, let alone myself, could send kill shots on targets at those distances in such windy conditions! James, Mark, Lisa, Tony, Felicia and Mary, thank you all for showing us such true Southern hospitality and making our trip into a memory (and lesson) of lifetime!! Kevin (Canada)


Wow! Big thank you to James and Barbour Creek. Took a lethal shot on a wounded deer last week at 1445 yards. The deer was wounded (broken front leg) by another shooter at 360 yards. By the time we located him, he and the does he was with were over1400 yards away on the border of state land, getting ready to cross into private. Faced with the choice either of losing the deer as the adjacent landowner does not allow hunting or putting James' training to the test, I took a shot that would normally never be an option and only was an option because the deer was already wounded. The results of Barbour Creek training spoke for themselves. Stephanie, her Dad, and I were relieved the deer was not lost... we all thank you. Without your course this last spring never would have happened. 



Recently attended the Barbour Creek course and had a great time over both days. James was knowledgeable and patient as he imparted all the tools of the trade for long range hunting and the entire staff was friendly and attentive. Highly recommend the course for shooters and hunters of all skill levels as the range is phenomenal and all the facilities are top notch. Many thanks to the staff for helping me improve my shooting skills and helping me gain confidence to expand my hunting capability”


Amazing Experience, Amazing place. James is simply incredible. Doubt there is a better instructor out there. Thank you for all the team receiving us for those 3 days. Lifetime experience.


We learned about this academy from a show, we were very impressed with how it was setup. The class was easy to follow, and everyone treated us like family. I gained 4 pounds while I was there! The food was delicious. This was the best training I've had.




Awesome training, I won the ManTracker Sniper competition, as a civilian against 16 trained Law Enforcement Snipers after your 2 Day Course.

James W.

2 day Long Range Hunting Course this past Tuesday and Wednesday. This course was awesome and I learned so much about long range shooting. James Eagleman’s wind calling technique is second to none. At the end of day 1 I hit a clay pigeon at 1000 yards. Day two’s challenge was to hit a golf ball at 1000 yards. The closest I got was a 1/2” off. I also made one shot “kills” on steel big game animals at various ranges between 400 to 1000 yards. I look forward to putting my new skills to the test in Alaska.



Can't say enough about how awesome and knowledgeable James is.  I've been in law enforcement for
over 25 years and been to countless classes all over the country.  James is easily one of the best instructors I've ever had (in any
subject.)  No ego, no condescension, just decades of knowledge distilled down to easy to understand fundamentals. And if you listen and
do what he says, you WILL be hitting clays (and maybe even a golf ball!) at 1,000 yards.
The facilities are great, Mark, Lisa, Tony and Felicia are all fabulous and make you feel at home.  Food was incredible, all equipment was top shelf.

I will be going back


It's hard to convey in writing how much I enjoyed shooting my new rifle yesterday! You all did a phenomenal job with every aspect of the build, and the end result absolutely exceeded all expectations! (which were set very high after shooting your course guns)

Zach Wilcox

James Eagleman is hands down the most knowledgeable shooter/teacher I could have asked for in this class.  I came into the Level 1 class having never made a shot over 350 yards and by the end of the course, I was shooting skeet at 1000 yards. The range guns are the sweetest shooting rifles I have ever laid my hands on.
The facility and staff are exceptional, the meals were out of this world.
All around Great Atmosphere
I will be doing the Level II someday (hopefully) soon
Labron Ellis

First-class instruction James is awesome and knows his stuff! The food and lodging is awesome! The info and skill set are in-depth but not so overwhelming that you don't have a clue what's going on. Can't wait to go back for the level two class.

Tyler Stepp

Absolutely the best experience ever. Great people, great facilities, and great food. James breaks this down for you to understand like I haven’t ever seen before. First time shooter or gun nut, it doesn’t matter. You will be shooting groups at distances you thought were only for military and professional shooters. I can’t say enough, can’t wait to do level 2!

Drew Ross

Barbour Creek Shooting Academy is a beautiful, well-maintained facility with a helpful knowledgeable staff. The range is very well thought out and staffed by humble, highly proficient instructors. This facility and these folks can show you how to correctly sling lead farther than you ever imagined possible

Joe Sheinutt

Some of the best guys ever. They will make sure you understand every peace of knowledge they give you. U will go as a student and leave like family

Joey Richardson

The quality of the instruction is beyond compare. James is by far the best shooting instructor I've ever had, and that includes my ten years in the Marines. By the end of the class, 800yds was boring, because it was just too easy. I highly recommend this course.

The accomodations are extremely comfortable and the entire crew at Barbour Creek makes you feel like family and to me they have become family. I can't wait to return for Level 2!

If all of that wasn't good enough, these guys truly support our nations Wounded Warriors. Thank you all for your support. Semper Fi!

Matt Amos

The most incredible experience! If you think you know your stuff about guns, ammo, optics and ballistics, come to Barbour Creek and find out the rest of the story.

I will definitely be coming back for Level 2 training

Jason Lovelady

Excellent range and great people. It is a first class facility with great instruction and

they can accommodate everyone. You can bring a rifle, let them help you set up one or buy one of the best long range rifles on the market today. Great accommodations and amenities if you require that also. I can't say enough about how great the people are and I highly recommend them. 5 Stars!



Darla, Emmaline, and I attended the Level I class and it was an outstanding experience. James did a great job providing the science behind the basics of a complete shooting system. The practical application of what James taught in class was a great learning experience and confidence builder as well with shots up to 1000 yards (Em hit the 3.5” clay at 1000 yds). We are looking forward to the Level II class. Mark and James have put together a great experience for both hunters and precision rifle enthusiasts. Highly recommend!

Richard Hartzog

Get a group of your friends that love to shoot and you will be amazed. Great instuctor, great range, with amazing rooms and hospitality.

Ron Schneider

Best School and Facility in the Country

Neil Jones

Awesome experience with the finest instructors in the long range shooting field. Mark and James made me feel comfortable, even though I was let's say not as good as I thought I was. You won't be disappointed. Its 1st class all the way around from accommodations to attitude. Thanks again guys for the experience. I will be back.

Eddie Dempsey

My son and I had one of our Greatest Adventures visiting and learning at the Barbour Creek Shooting School. James is and excellent instructor with outstanding skills, abilities and experiences, that reinforce the learning environment. Barbour Creek provided the Highest caliber training, service, attitude and expectations for its students. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and greatly look forward to returning for the level II course. I presently plan for my other two sons attending these courses.

Larry Biles