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Long Range Hunting Courses

Level 1 - Foundation of Long Range Shooting

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Level 2 - Advanced Long Range Hunting

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Introducing the All New BC-1400 Precision Long Range Hunting Rifle

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Introducing the 7 BC Warrior - Barbour Creek's Exclusive Long Range Hunting Cartridge

The 7 BC Warrior is made from a 300 Win Mag Case necked down to a 7mm, with out fire forming the brass. It pushes a 180 grain Berger bullet at 3160 feet per second, It has the same performance as a 28 Nosler at half the cost and well out performs the 7 LRM. The chamber was specifically designed by James Eagleman who came up with the correct free-bore and lead to allow for optimal performance using Berger’s. The name was 7 BC for 7 mm Barbour Creek with Mark Simpson adding “Warrior” to commemorate our Wounded warriors

1000 Yard 7 BC Shot Group
1000 Yard 7 BC Shot Group

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Barbour Creek is America's Premier Long Range Hunting School & Long Range Hunting Rifle Manufacturer. Check out our video to learn more!


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World Class Training Courses
Luxurious Accommodations
Amazing Southern Cuisine
Affordable Course Pricing

Welcome to Barbour Creek

Thank you for taking the time to visit Barbour Creek Long Range Shooting School. Our staff’s primary goal is to provide you with the highest level training and customer service available. My vision while designing Barbour Creek was to build a world class training facility while offering a memorable experience which includes the highest level training, comradery and amazing southern cuisine. My staff and I hope to see you in one of our many firearms courses soon.

Mark D. Simpson

Barbour Creek Office

Because a once in a lifetime shot... Only happens once!

Barbour Creek

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